Support & Integration

Process Solutions combines the technical support and field implementation teams to uniquely provide a better experience.  Our teams maintain close and ongoing working relationships with all customers to ensure they get the most out of our solutions and any support issue is met effectively and in a timely process.  Our technicians are uniquely qualified to serve our customers because they are the same people who install our solutions and provide long term support for them.

Key Functions

Installation and Training Services

Whether onsite or utilizing remote access tools, we are able to consistently install our products with a minimum of customer impact and train all relevant staff on their use.  By working co-operatively with site staff and corporate IT groups, our Customer Care technicians are able to successfully implement interfaces with existing systems and networks. We do what is necessary to ensure our products are effectively integrated into existing plant systems.

Long Term Support

Plants and terminals are subject to change with alterations in one part of the process often affecting other systems. Using comprehensive support tools our Customer Care team can:

  • Access a troubled system from anywhere in the world,
  • Make software and database upgrades as necessary at any time.
  • Support systems 24 hours 7 days a week

Process Solutions support services are available through a maintenance contract or on a time & material cost basis.
Over 98% of our customers have full service long term support agreements in place.

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance agreements on all our installations. Our customer care team can handle 7/24 support, and we maintain spares for the equipment we provide. Kiosks are swapped completely – a replacement kiosk arrives on your site if there’s an issue, and can be swapped by disconnecting two ‘umbilical’ connection cables. We are constantly improving our products and upgrades are provided to eliminate minor issues and give your site the features needed to compete.