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The goal of all of PSCL’s cement distribution systems is to reduce driver time loading at your plant or terminal, and to automate every step of the way with seamless integration into order and accounting systems.

The Cement Distribution Management (CDM) Suite is an end-to-end solution for cement sales and shipping

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From sales and marketing to the physical loading of product and back to the financial system, CDM will optimize the process so you can maximize profitability.

The first step in the successful implementation of PSCLs Cement Distribution Solutions is getting your data / orders into the system. Once in the system, CDM will get the orders into the alley which will minimize time on scale.

PSCL has two methods of accomplishing this important task:

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ERP Interface

Every business is a little different. That’s why PSCL builds custom ERP interfaces to your financial system. We build on decades of experience to build a link to get:

  • Customer data
  • Order information
  • Product and carrier data

And return detailed transactional data ready for invoicing, auditable and free of human error. ERPI is only required once per customer. PSCL has extensive experience in building ERP interface to SAP.

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Cement Distribution Connect

CDC is a web-based application which allows manual management of master data/orders without an ERP interface.

Connect software is ideal for implementations at a single site where the cost/benefit of building an ERP interface may be prohibitive at the time of deployment.

The second step in the successful implementation of PSCLs Cement Distribution Solutions is building the sales and dispatch process. Order Management provides a number of tools to improve your customer communication and the product flow.

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Order Management

PSCL’s Order Management central logistics tool connects sales and fulfillment teams across your enterprise.

With Order Management:

  • You can optimize product and maintain inventories through improved yard management
  • You can optimize your sales process
  • You can optimize cash flow with invoices leaving your plant as the truck does, invoices are fed directly to your ERP system (with ERPI)
  • In cases where the sales and logistics functions are in the ERP system, Order Management is less critical to the success of CDM

Loading Management is the number one cement loading software in North America and is the heart of CDM. It pulls orders/allocations from Order Management, CDC or your ERP interface and puts them in the alley. It allows you to put one screen in front of your loader and is the only app that you need in your alley for manual loading.

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Loading Management

  • The system has been designed to meet the unique needs of the cement industry:
    • Preloads/consignments
    • Stock transfers
    • Diversions
    • Returns/partial returns
  • Second non-printed BOL page with security pictures (with SSL)
  • Rail shipping interfaces
  • Notifications for dispatch and loading
  • Promotes quicker loading in a manual process

Self-Service Loading is our most popular solution. It brings the Loading Management engine to the next level with driver controlled loading.

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Self-Service Loading

  • Load trucks 24 hours a day
  • Labor savings
  • Fraud prevention
  • Assurance the right product goes in the truck
  • Site safety
  • COVID no driver contact with your staff
  • Immediate billing with ERPI

Plant Portal is our premium loading solution. It incorporates all of the functionality of Loading Management and Self Service Loading then goes further by controlling access to your site, directing traffic, and minimizing time on scale.

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Plant Portal

Plant Portal can increase throughput by 50 per cent when compared to manual loading and up to 37 per cent when compared to SSL. Plant Portal provides increased operational flexibility for packaged product shipping and also provides a foundation for Raw Materials Receiving (RMR).

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