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PSCL is the leader in cement-loading systems in North America. We’re responsible for 30% of the cement shipped every year, and over one-half-billion tonnes of cement since we began.

PSCL’s Order Management and Loading Management combine to solve the problems unique to our industry.

Craig Leavitt
VP · Distribution

Our Plant Portal Controls Access to Your Site

Plant Portal (PP) directs traffic, keeps drivers on task, minimizes time on scale and has drivers print their own bills-of-lading (BOLs). The perfect complement to an efficiently-run and cost-effective terminal, freeing your staff from mountains of paperwork.

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Reduce Scale Time

PP is implemented with kiosks placed at the site entrance and alley exit locations for signing in and out, accepting the shipment, and printing out their BOL. It is the best way to reduce scale time – by as much as 37 per cent – eliminating the bottleneck in your delivery system. In addition, PP allows complex loading scenarios like simultaneous loading for dual-trailer trucks.

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Cement customers prefer PP. It is the No. 1 cement terminal management solution in North America. Your customers expect the convenience, accuracy and efficiency that PP provides. They will choose it time and again to keep their costs low and minimize their valuable time loading.
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Driver Management

PP links to video cameras to take pictures of the driver and their rig, or use RFID cards and driver signatures to verify the driver’s identity and associated sales order. As an added bonus, the system uses a stored tare weight to detect retained product to avoid cross contamination.

  • Manage site-specific indoctrinations, be notified when they expire
  • Manage sales order allocations easily
  • Check credit limits from your financial system before loading
erp integration

ERP Integration

PP synchronizes your contacts (drivers, companies), sales orders, inventories, credit status and transactions with your ERP system. Our tool kit enables us to adapt to your ERP implementation quickly.

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • All others that support data exchange
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