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Cement Roller Mill

Cement quality starts at the quarry and is important at each stage of the cement manufacturing process, raw material grinding, clinkerization, cement grinding and storage in the silos. PSCL is the leader in cement quality solutions.

Our integrated suite of quality process solutions optimize productivity and cost.

PSCL’s overall strategy for Cement Quality includes end to end solution from quarry to cement silos, providing solutions to optimize raw material extraction and preparation costs, improving kiln feed uniformity, automating lab data, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning and optimizing SO3 and clinker factor. We are unique in providing customer service round the clock to support your 24/7 manufacturing operations. Our solutions save you time and money.

PSCL has decades of experience developing and refining process solutions for the cement industry. From the quarry to every consistent load of cement we help you produce, we understand and optimize each step along the way.


Laboratory Data Management System

In labs, there is an increasing emphasis on the presentation, trending, reporting and review of data. LDMS assists your lab without the large expenditure of both capital and time often associated with other lab solutions.

The strength of LDMS lies, not only with its integrated link to plant process data, but also in its ability to communicate with a growing range of lab instruments. Electronic information capture frees up lab staff to perform other tasks and eliminates transcription errors.


Raw Mix Control System

RMCS is a goal-seeking optimizer, providing comprehensive control and monitoring of the raw mix process using three basic steps to enhance the overall quality: monitoring the process, associating results with the process, and recommending feeder set points.

RMCS efficiently monitors the process by analyzing each raw mix sample. The feeders are monitored to ensure that actual feed rates match the settings. The natural variation in the materials’ composition is dynamically adjusted for by analyzing the resulting raw mix chemistry and feeder settings.


Stockpile Management Suite

Process excellence is a necessity to achieve high quality products with consistent chemistry at a low operational cost.

SMS enables plants to achieve process excellence by realizing significant improvements in quarry utilization and quality control of finished products.

SMS provides the information to achieve optimization of quarry reserves and reduction of raw material preparation cost.


Waste Fuels Information Management System

WFIMS helps you meet the challenges of regulatory requirements and safe handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste fuels, while minimizing CO2 emissions and reducing the amount of waste going to long-term storage or landfills.

Waste-material tracking is live and continuous from the moment it enters the facility until its destruction is confirmed. Built-in reporting provides complete traceability of pre-qualified waste streams, shipments, containers and analytical samples.

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