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Three Workers

PSCL is the leader in cement-loading systems in North America. We’re responsible for 50% of the cement shipped every year, and over one-half-billion tonnes of cement since we began.

PSCL’s Order Management and Loading Management combine to solve the problems unique to our industry.

Discover how PSCL can help your business work smarter.®

Our Central Logistics Tool – Order Management – Connects Sales and Fulfillment Teams Across Your Enterprise

Purpose-built for the cement industry, Order Management (OM) is able to create and manage a full range of sales and material transfer transactions for bulk and bag cement, and associated materials. Utilizing a simple and intuitive Microsoft Windows interface, authorized users can create, track, edit and modify orders, diversions and returns for a single location, or with centralized order management a number of locations, such as a plant and its associated distribution terminals.

sueprvising orders

Unique Data

The diverse and complex logistical requirements for effective distribution of cement and associated construction materials include a number of transaction types which are not easily handled by generic order management systems.

  • Preloads (or ‘speculative’ loading)
  • Multiple line item shipments
  • Alternative product names (‘aliases’)
  • Substitutions
  • Certification/specification requirements
  • Shipping document requirements
  • Pickups and deliveries
  • En route diversions
  • Order type changes
  • Full and partial returns
  • Third party orders
erp integration

ERP Integration

OM can manage these unique data types and move the final transaction back to your ERP system. OM has been interfaced with a number of different financial/ERP systems, and is designed to work with Loading Management.
cement plant optimisation


With OM you can:

  • Optimize product and maintain inventories through improved yard management
  • Optimize your sales process
  • Optimize cash
complete control

Complete Control

OM is truly the easiest way to sell, and organize cement shipments with all of your orders in one place, accessible everywhere and deeply integrated. Connect the latest orders from your sales team with the terminal manager, and all the way to the alleys to ensure the on-time order fulfillment. Have an ERP system that needs transaction information to be able to invoice? OM has you covered.
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