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Loading Cement Trucks

PSCL is the leader in cement-loading systems in North America. We’re responsible for 30% of the cement shipped every year, and over one-half-billion tonnes of cement since we began.

PSCL’s Order Management and Loading Management combine to solve the problems unique to our industry.

The Ultimate in Plant Automation Delivers Maximum Capacity

“Wouldn’t it be great if we had a system that was so foolproof that the drivers could load themselves?”

Out of this basic idea PSCL’s Self-Service Loading (SSL) was born. Drivers load up earlier and later in unattended mode allowing them to avoid heavy traffic patterns. In areas with multiple options for purchasing cement, transport companies go out of their way to load product at locations with SSL installed.

K5 – Built for Any Environment on Earth

K5 Arm User
PSCL’s K-series Kiosks continue to set the standard for attended loading for cement. The latest version – the K5 – reduces mean-time between failures (MTBF) with engineering and manufacturing improvements that stand up to 810G military-grade testing which includes humidity, dust and water penetration, temperature range, and thermal shock.

Our design worked out well. We met 810G, and we decided to see where the limits of the kiosk were. With each spec, we went above and beyond anything that we thought could ever be encountered in the cement industry and we succeeded.

PSCL K5 Kiosk Spec Sheet Download

By investing in the R&D and listening to our customers’ needs, we’ve avoided having to tack on fixes later. We cost a little more up front, but our cost of ownership is considerably lower. Everyone at PSCL, everyone on my team, we stay focussed on what will serve our clients best.

To learn more about the history of the K-series program and specific details of the K5’s impressive testing performance, please have a look at this article.

driver check in

Driver Check-In

Driver Opens Gate – a key feature for 24-hour loading

Track access for DHS and Coast Guard reporting

Signal equipment startup – save energy in non peak periods

alley control

Alley Control

Verification of truck fully on scale

NTEP scale-zero functions

Improve efficiency and safety with spout alignment aids

shipment start

Shipment Start

Clearly identify driver and equipment with RFID check-in; tare checking for contamination control

Sales and marketing flexibility; driver may select from contract repeating orders or single-use pin shipments



Driver loads with a simple Follow the Green interface


Product selection is controlled by the system

Cleanout cycles and flow control are managed by the system to meet environmental/permit requirements

shipping documentation

Shipment Documentation

System creates and prints a BOL for the driver

Fully-legal-for-trade interface

Flexible bill of lading (BOL) customizations to meet enterprise and local requirements

System will print copies of BOL in remote office and email BOL to customer/carrier



Optional video monitoring can be integrated into the SSL system to ensure site safety

Delayed loading or exit may trigger alarms

transaction completion

Transaction Completion

SSL will transmit transaction details directly to the financial system – based on ERP interface

No lost paper

Error reduction

Reduce delays in billing

PSCL Software Suite
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