• Waste Fuels Information Management System

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PSCL has been providing Geocycle a customized waste-tracking system since 2003. It is intuitive software that makes tracking material – from initial approval through final stages of co-processing – easy for us to manage.

Heidi Thibeault
Business Analyst
Geocycle USA

Maximize profits safely and efficiently

Waste fuels are a market opportunity to add a revenue stream to you kiln. PSCL’s Waste Fuel Information Management System (WFIMS) is a key ingredient that allows you to capitalize on this opportunity.

WFIMS helps you meet the challenges of regulatory requirements and safe handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste fuels, reducing the amount of waste going to long-term storage or landfills.

Waste material tracking is live from the moment it enters the facility, through to destruction. Built-in reports provide complete traceability of pre-qualified waste streams, shipments, containers and analytical samples. Quickly and efficiently create additional customized reports.

Back on Track

Mir Kazim Ali and Ian Harrison discuss the modernization of waste material tracking of alternative fuels/raw materials.

Key Benefits

  • Increase safety: Enforce regulatory frameworks and improve the workflow between receiving, health and safety, laboratory and unloaders
  • Increase revenue: Streamline the qualification of generator waste streams
  • Reduce costs, increase safety: Accurately track shipments of bulk or container fuels from receipt to destruction
  • Reduce costs: Automate the regulatory requirements (e.g. eManifest with USEPA), and simplify internal reporting
  • Reduce risks: Minimize potential for data entry mistakes or acceptance of unknown or untested waste material
  • Increase efficiency: Eliminate multiple, manual data entry for tracking, inventory, billing and regulatory reporting
  • Increase efficiency: Optimize unloading and blending to achieve quality and calorific targets


With over 25 installations in North America and Australia, WFIMS provides critical safety and regulatory compliance for waste fuel handling facilities.

WFIMS is implemented in hazardous and non-hazardous waste tracking for small, medium and large facilities and supports bulk liquids and solids, containers/drum shipments, truck and rail (tanker and roll-off).

Qualification Creation & Approval

Qualification Creation provides the tools for organizing and storing the extensive data associated with the pre-qualification of waste streams. This includes the collection of a waste profile survey from the customer, registration of samples to be analyzed, and the linkage to the analytical results stored in the laboratory module.

Qualification Approval provides the mechanism for review and approval of the customer’s waste stream. Approvals by only the necessary departments (e.g. safety, marketing, production) are required based on the nature of the waste. This improves efficiency and safety, while reducing delays and costs.

Laboratory Data Management

The WFIMS Laboratory module is easy to use and provides a complete audit of all data entry. WFIMS Lab integrates with a wide range of laboratory instruments including gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GCMS) and flame ionization detector (FID) analyzers, calorimeters, and carbon sulfur analyzers. The interface reduces potential expensive errors from manual entry mistakes.

Waste Tracking

Waste shipment management represents a key component of alternative fuel handing. Track waste from scheduling to arrival on site, unloading, storage, blending and destruction. Barcodes, inventory verification and reconciliation provide constant, accurate tracking of waste materials stored on site. Integrated electronic document management ensures all paper work associated with the shipment, is available from any workstation.

Tank Management

Tank management assists production personnel with optimizing and blending alternative fuels to ensure quality consistency and compatibility. Key data and waste codes are tracked from shipments to tanks. Optimized unloading and blending of waste products ensures quality and production requirements are met and costs are minimized.

ERP Integration

WFIMS synchronizes with your ERP system. Our pre-built interfaces work with all popular ERP software, and new interfaces are quickly customized for all other systems:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • All others that support data exchange

Data Query and Reporting

Common reports such as state manifests and government regulatory reports are available through WFIMS. A powerful query tool enables facilities to create site specific, marketing and customer requested reports.

WFIMS provides a complete data management system for a waste fuels processing facility and significantly improves the efficiency of material receiving, storage and handling. Minimize errors and delays in analysis, competitive pricing, allocating storage locations, issuing invoices, and regulatory compliance.

WFIMS integrates all stages of the waste fuels handling including: qualifying potential sources, scheduling shipments, arranging transportation, shipment sampling and testing, unloading, storage, blending, tendering, destruction, billing, reporting and issuing a disposal certificate.

Customer Support and Integration

Our team of experts work with you to customize, install, integrate, implement and maintain the necessary hardware and software.

With decades of experience, the CSI team carry out on-site installation commissioning and provide full-time help desk support.

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