“How long am I going to be down while you install it?”

The benefits of SSL are well known and highly sought after, but a potential cost to any project is the disruption of cement deliveries while an alley is down for the upgrade.

For a potential client, the facts that SSL automates and manages your loading operations end-to-end – reducing time on scale, reducing errors, streamlining invoicing, preventing fraud, increasing security, moving more product every day – are almost negated by the thought that the install will be lengthy and disruptive. Better to do things the way they’ve always done them than to be down a single day.

So, let’s clear up that misconception: Our installs are done with minimal disruption to your daily activities. In fact, if you’ve been running your operation manually, there’s likely to be zero disruption. Once installed, the next truck coming to fill up is set to use your new SSL system as part of our testing and training phase of the project.

How can we guarantee this?

  • First, we configure and build your customized software and hardware solution, testing it in our facility before we deliver it to your location.
  • Second, much of what we do on-site is done in parallel to your existing day-to-day operations, and requires no special consideration on your part.
  • And third, we’ve installed SSL in hundreds of locations around the world. We’ve worked with every kind of cement loading plant on the planet. We know our way around, and we work quickly and efficiently for you.

Need some more information on the SSL system? We’ve got it. And if you’re ready to talk, we’re here to help.

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