Left to right: Matthew Furry – President, Fred Hauf – Project Manager Automation Services, Greg Scribner – Customer Manager Cement Distribution, Craig Leavitt – VP Cement Distribution, Ian Harrison – Customer Manager Cement Quality, Mir Kazim Ali – VP Cement Quality, Lisa Furry – Manager Administration in our new tradeshow booth at IEEE 2019 in St Louis

Every year, IEEE-IAS/PCA* hosts the Cement Industry Technical Conference. This is the largest conference in the cement industry in North America, and it includes presentations on the latest technology, tutorials, technical sessions, process training, professional development training and the all-important networking and socializing that forges good business and personal relations.

The 2019 event was held at the end of April in St Louis. This year’s theme – Sustainable strength through innovation – echoed our renewed commitment to moving PSCL and our industry forward. In addition to being a Gold sponsor, PSCL unveiled its updated branding via a stunning new tradeshow booth, new print collateral, and we also timed the launch of our all-new website with the opening of the conference.

Conference attendees took notice of our revitalized presence and our new image was well received. But beyond our new look, we were able to effectively tell the story of our internal journey of transformation as a company and a team. The evolution of our communication reflects the real change we’ve been able to create for ourselves and the clients we serve by working together.

We connect processes and add value in the way we do it.

The value we deliver is the sum of:

  • Our people
  • Our experience in the cement industry
  • Our technology
  • Our commitment

We work with you so you can Work smarter.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Las Vegas for 2020’s conference.

*Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (normally said as Eye-Triple-E), Industry Applications Society, Portland Cement Association

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